David Latlip (2nd/SS for 17 White) graduated from Blue Springs South with an impressive academic and baseball resume, one that was punctuated with an invitation to the MHSBCA All-State Senior Game. We sat down with David to talk about his baseball experience and how IE helped his development.

To start, how huge was the MHSBCA invitation?
That’s an incredible honor. I am totally humbled but very appreciative to be selected to play in the game. Getting the invitation and having the opportunity to play baseball with the best athletes in the state is a great reward for all the hard work I’ve put in over the years.

Congratulations! That is a huge honor. Looking back over the years, at all the hard work you put in, does any one coach stand out?
Coach Dave Silvestri. He taught me how to play the game more than any other coach. He has so much experience and knowledge to share, and he has a way of connecting with players. When you work with him, you know that he’s been there and done it. I’m also blown away by his game strategy. He would know where to put me on the field for every pitch. Those are lessons that I will carry with me forever.

I also owe a lot to Todd and Inside Edge Baseball Academy. Playing baseball at Inside Edge has been a blast…a totally fun experience. That might sound cliche, but Todd’s philosophy makes a huge difference in how we play the game, a difference that’s noticeable on and off the field. His approach carries over to the coaches, and inevitably to us players. Having fun simplifies the game. That helps everyone to play loose, which in turn, allows us to have a great time on the diamond.

I feel honored to be one of the first players to be a part of this great organization and I hope to continue to be a part of it for years to come. IE provided me with great coaches who helped me to learn the game and how to play it the right way. And, of course, you have fun playing, because in the end that is what it is all about!

Wow. That’s quite the testimony for Todd and everything he’s doing with Inside Edge Baseball. How would you translate that message for the young players?
I think it’s really two key messages. First and foremost, have fun. I know that’s said a lot, but it really is important to have fun while playing baseball. Otherwise, the game becomes work and nobody likes to work.

Second, and this is a big lesson I learned a few years ago: Life is too short to worry about things you can’t control. I realize the young kids may not understand that, so I would use a baseball analogy to explain it to them. For example, the umpire will make bad calls. Bad calls are part of baseball and there’s nothing we as players can do about it. So, rather than get upset with the ump, move on to the next play.

What about you? What should our readers know about you?
This is the hardest question of the day (laughing). I’m just a ballplayer. The Sandlot is my all-time favorite movie. Moneyball would be a close second, though, because it showed a different side of baseball.

Winning high school baseball districts might have been the best time of my life. That was a hard-fought game that meant so much to me and my school. To win it was incredible, almost an indescribable feeling.

Do you have a favorite band or music style?
Definitely alternative rock. Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Mumford and Sons are just a few bands that come to mind.

Favorite pro baseball team?
I was Raised Royal! Kansas City Royals all the way. They’re not only my favorite team, but Kauffman is also my favorite stadium. It’s such a beautiful place to watch a ballgame.

What do you enjoy when you’re not playing ball?
I really enjoy hanging with friends, going fishing, and eating pizza. I also love watching baseball, but I think we’ve already covered that.

Since you’re such a baseball guy, I’ve gotta ask the all-time baseball question: designated hitter–yes or no?
Yes! The pitcher should not hit in the National League. Pitching is too demanding. Those guys deserve a break when their side is up to bat.

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