Sam Tatum is one of those baseball players–all action and few words. The senior middle infielder/outfielder will graduate from Rockhurst High School this year (2018) and looks forward to continuing his baseball career at the next level. Considering his dedicated work ethic, Sam should have great success finding a place to play ball next year.

IE Baseball Sam Tatum - PBR

Sam at a 2017 PBR event

You live in Kansas City, but you’re a Cardinals fan. Is that correct?
Actually, it is. I’m a huge Royals fan but my great grandpa was an even bigger fan of the Cardinals. I guess his love for the red birds rubbed off on me a little. I may have been Raised Royal but I will forever bleed red. Go Cards!

Since you’re a Cardinals fan, does that mean your favorite player is also a red bird?
Sort of. My all-time favorite player is Albert Pujols. I consider him to be one of the greatest players to ever play the game–even if he is in Anaheim now.

What other favorites can you share with us?
Chicken biscuits from Chick-fil-a, chicken fried chicken, Kansas City Chiefs, Talladega Nights, Will Ferrell (for that matter), fishing, and Hank Williams, Jr.

Wow! Hank, huh!? Does that also go back to your great grandpa?
No, not really. I enjoy country music over all other genres and Hank is about as country as they come. I should point out that I like traditional country, not Nashville country–those are two completely different styles of music.

I’m sensing a lot “traditional” with you. Would that be an accurate description?
I’ve never really thought about it but that might be right. I consider myself to be a pretty straight up guy. Some of that is from my great grandpa and a lot comes from my parents. Each of them has stressed that hard work gets the results. So, I dedicate myself to everything I take on. Work ethic is the only way you can separate yourself from everyone else.

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Sam Tatum At Bat IE Baseball

Sam Tatum, waiting for his turn to bat.

That’s a great attitude that will serve you well. How would you tell that message to a young Inside Edge Baseball player?
I would just tell them to keep working hard and they will get better. I would also tell them to take advantage of everything that Inside Edge offers to players. This is an awesome program that provides great opportunities for everybody.

Great advice. Speaking of opportunities, is there anything that stands out from this past season?
Probably getting to play at Mizzou. I love that stadium and being on that field. The field is always in great condition. Plus, it’s a traditional ball field and I love that.

I should add getting to work with Dave Silvestri. He’s an incredible person who teaches without over coaching. He has been invaluable this past year. He once told us before a game against a top-notch opponent to “respect everybody, fear no one.” That stuck with me and I use it every day.