IE players showed up and turned up the heat at the EDGE Grand Opening Home Run Derby! The derby recognized winners in 3 age groups, and players from Inside Edge won each group! Congratulations guys.

  • Ages 8-10: Kingston Castenado (9u)
  • Ages 11-14: Collin Kleinsasser (13u)
  • Ages 15+: Zachary Dillman (16 Showcase)

IE Players Waiting to Hit

Thank you to all the IE Players who came out and made a great showing.

  • Alex Kreuger
  • Brody Magnon
  • Caleb Dillman
  • Charlie Roder
  • Cooper Stanely
  • Dalton Pennington
  • DJ Wayne
  • Dugan Stanely
  • Gage Hayes
  • George Carpenter
  • Jacob Wood
  • Luke Jordan
  • Noah Rash
  • Will Gragg